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Love Midcentury and Modern?

There’s a riot of pattern on the radar for 2014, right across the board, from fine art to fashion, textiles to furniture. The work of Esther Cox (main pic), Louis Reith, and Marcus Oakley nods respectfully at mid 20thC art but with a decidedly 21stC palette and a whole lot of fun.

Louis Reith

Marcus Oakley

Hannah Waldron’s beautiful textile pieces recall the Bauhaus but with a gentle, more playful aesthetic. Sarah Bagshaw continues to make us smile with her beautiful prints and fashion giant Eley Kishimoto goes the whole hog with his illusionary pattern that would make Bridget Riley beam.

Hannah Waldron


Sarah Bagshaw

We’re loving the screen printed handmade leatherwares at Falconwright – they dance with crazy shapes and brilliant colourways. Beci Orpin has been giving us strong graphics across rugs and the like, and this Folk Rug by Sylvain Willenz is the epitomy of all that’s to be celebrated with pattern now.


Beci Orpin

Folk Rug by Sylvain Willenz for Chevalier Edition

Furniture mavericks Dokter and Misses channel the tribal, while Bend create beautiful geometry within the structure of their amazing metal wired chairs. The fantastic Mint Timber and Ore bar stool by Woodsmithe also uses geometric structure to simple but stunning effect.

Dokter and Misses
Timber and Ore barstool by Woodsmithe

Bend Chairs

Our social and political landscape might still be a little on the austere side, but we say it’s the perfect time to let creativity run riot. Viva pattern, geometry and colour.

Thank you to Katy Shooter at Humblesticks for this brilliant blog on pattern trends for 2014. Find Humblesticks in The Modern Marketplace at Modern Shows or go straight to their new blog here where you can read this all over again and get updates from them on everything happening in the midcentury and modern world.

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