NEW – Destination Modernism

Are you one of those crazy people who instead of heading for the beach goes out of their way to book planes, trains and automobiles to an incredible piece of Modernist architecture? Crime novelist and Midcentury Modern show regular Matthew Loukes is. He visits Le Corbusier’s Chandigarh, a concrete city which has been raped and pillaged for furniture that commands bonkers auction prices around the world. Photographer and designer Felicia Strehmel is. Check out her snapshot of her birthtown, Berlin.

Modern Shows’ new blog Destination Modernism takes you to places Brutalist, Bauhaus, Modernist and Post Modernist.  We give you tips on where to stay, eat and visit and a history of  places snatched from developers greedy mitts by dedicated lobbyists. Feel free to send us your stories. This blog is open to contributors far and wide who live, breathe and visit architectural landmarks for the sheer love of it. Know of a place filled with architectural wonderment that we may have missed in our travels? If you have great archive photos, run a preservation society or are a blogger or enthusiast who just happened upon some incredible structures you were drawn to find out more about, we will credit you and your own site or worksite as a thank you for 6 great  landscape photos and your story in the format we have laid out on our pages.

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We are  also looking for complimentary flights and hotels for our passionate and knowledgable contributors from tourism offices, travel consultants and hoteliers in order to feature these mid-20th century masterpieces and hotels in the future.

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