Desk Dynamo

We started checking our bank statements the minute this unusual English desk lamp by ‘Perihel’ Circa 1950 landed in our inbox. It was originally used as a medical ‘heat lamp’. Now fully converted to an elegant desk lamp it has a stepped copper shade and chrome plated stem mounted upon a corresponding brushed and lacquered stepped steel base complete with cast makers mark. There is even a height adjustment, with rotation and articulation at the juncture between the shade arm and stem. A must for the Midcentury Modern or industrial style home office.

Sophie from Skinflint Design, the brilliant dealers who are understandably keeping schtum about where they found it, says “the Perihel lamps are amongst my favourite lights we stock, not only are they rich in history, they are super stylish, truly original and look great in a modern interior”

She tells us they were originally designed for use as a portable home sun lamp in the 1940’s as a way to keep fit and healthy.  It was based on the hospital versions of the lamp which you can see in action here.

Light therapy was routinely used by medical professionals from the 1930’s onwards, so the advent of the portable home use versions was heralded as something of a health breakthrough in the tough wartime years.

“We have come across a few different versions including twin headed and aluminium shaded models, but the one pictured above with its delightful stepped base is our most recent find; now fully modernised and restored, with its detailed articulation and copper shade it makes for a beautiful and historical addition to any living space.”

Check Skinflint out here

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