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Marden Hill

Joining The Modern Marketplace this month is DANAD Design. This company founded by two members of the Marden Hill house collective ignited the Pop Art movement in Britain and created works that Liberty, Heals and Harrods could not get enough of in the Sixties, Unknown print left at Marden Hill between 1958-62 Originally the lovechild of Barry Daniels (DAN) and Tom Adams (AD), two friends…

Secret Cinema

Secret Cinema

You could have been living in London for more than twenty years. You might be in spitting distance from the place and still not know about one of London’s best kept secrets ‘The Cinema Museum‘. A couple of weeks ago I had the rare privilege of being invited to the viewing of a film in…


Goldfinger Going Going Gone

Snap up the Goldfinger Haggerston mug  by ensuring you get into our spanking new show in East London early. Modern Shows (Midcentury Modern and The Midcentury Show) commissioned People Will Always Need Plates to produce a limited run of just 300 of our favourite china cups to christen our  inaugural launch at controversial Sixties architect Erno…